Pro Tour Qualifier - Honolulu
Innistrad Limited Format
Edison, NJ


Pro Tour - Honolulu Qualifier


Saturday, November 26th
Saturday, December 17th


St. Matthew the Apostle
81 Seymour Avenue
Edison, NJ 08817
(732) 985-5063
Directions: Click HERE


Doors open at 9am, event starts at 10am.


This event is open to ALL Magic players.

The format for Pro Tour - Honolulu Qualifier tournaments is Innistrad Limited (Sealed Deck) with Booster draft top 8.

Each player will receive six (6) Innistrad booster packs. The structure for Pro Tour - Honolulu Qualifier tournaments will be modified Swiss-style, with the Top 8 players playing in a single-elimination booster draft for prizes and invitation(s).

Click HERE for modified swiss-style rules.

For more information about Pro Tour – Honolulu Qualifiers click HERE


$30 Cash ONLY. Gray Matter no longer accepts credit cards.


1st Place:
- Invitation to compete at Pro Tour – Honolulu
- FREE airfare to Honolulu provided by Wizards
- 1 Box of Innistrad

2nd - 8th Place:
- 1 Box of Innistrad

9th - 16th Place:
- 1/2 Box of Innistrad

(prizes might be higher depending on attendance)


Frequently Asked Questions


Dealers will be on site to buy and sell cards

Players are strongly recommended to bring a pen, paper, and counters.

All players are allowed to trade cards at any Gray Matter event. However, anyone attending the event who buys cards from or sells cards to other players will be asked to leave the event immediately.

Pro Tour - Honolulu Qualifier will also be held in the following cities:

Edison, NJ - Saturday, November 26th
New York - Saturday, October 29th
Edison, NJ - Saturday December 17th

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Questions? You can email us here.

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